Job Opportunities at Lighthouse Surgery, Narooma


Doctor or Nurses

If you are a doctor or nurse and would like to express your interest in working here in the future, we welcome you to send us an email and introduce yourself.


“I had the privilege of completing my medical rotation at Lighthouse Surgery and I was thoroughly impressed with the level of support and guidance I received from my supervisor and the other general practitioners. The hands-on experience and diverse patient cases allowed me to hone my skills and gain valuable knowledge in general practice as well as skin cancer medicine and surgery. The welcoming and collaborative environment made me feel like a valuable member of the team. The diverse patient population and close-knit community created an environment that allowed me to not only grow professionally but also personally. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this exceptional rural healthcare team and would highly recommend it.”

Dr Joseph Joseph MBBS


“I came to The Lighthouse Surgery  as a second term registrar in term 2 of 2021. I had completed my first term in a metropolitan setting and this was my first endeavor into the country.

What can I say, it was everything I expected and more. From day one I had a one on one practice orientation with Dr Gudrun Muller-Grotjan the Principal GP that lasted the whole week. I got to know about Narooma and its people, about the history and ethos of the practice and got to meet all the lovely staff working there that very soon became like family.

After I started seeing patients independently, I was surprised by how patient, grateful and understanding they all were, even if I was uncertain about something or seeking advice from one of the many supporting GP’s and nurses.

I gained a wealth of knowledge about handling pressure in difficult times by the amazing reception staff, knowledge on the less discussed business side of things by the amazing Practice Manager Jane and Reception Manager Sharon, and all kinds of pearls of wisdom by the very experienced nursing staff.

Also, I got to experience all the different approaches to medicine and consultation styles from each of the different GP’s, practice skin cancer surgery with Dr Paul Barnett, participate in Covid19 vaccination and Covid19 Testing clinic, seek wisdom from all the senior GP’s, and even learn a bit about oyster farming from Dr Trevor Fernihough along the way.

All in all, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I would deeply encourage any further GP’s or registrars to join the family at The Lighthouse Surgery and Bermagui Medical Centre.”

Dr Mohamad Morad MBBS


“Due to the opportunities available at lighthouse surgery during my elective rotation, I have gained experience in many aspects of medicine that I had only little exposure to previously. The great teaching and friendly staff made me feel very welcome and give me confidence going forward in my medical career.”

Tom Kefford: Medical Student, Monash University


“I worked at both Light House Surgery, Narooma and Bermagui Medical Practice as a GP registrar for 2 years (Jan 2014 – Jan 2016).

It has been amazing experience working at the Light house surgery, the staff are very friendly and helpful, my colleagues were extremely supportive and were always ready to help even when they were busy. Very good patient base, lots of interesting cases to see and can be very challenging at time as we did see lots of ED type presentations, since the closest hospital was 60K away we did have to see pretty much everything, I think I have learned a lot about rural medicine as a registrar at the light house surgery. Not to mention about all the social interaction after work, which was very important to me with small kids.

It is hard to describe work without explaining life in Narooma, beautiful coastal town, lots of outdoor activites, we loved being at the beach, going kayaking, fishing etc, so much to do there.

I do regret having to leave such a beautiful place and really hope to go back working at Light house surgery one day.”

Dr. Pawan Pyakurel, FRACGP Canberra


“As a medical student, I chose to do my rural GP placement in Lighthouse Surgery as Narooma seemed like such a heavenly coastal town. I didn’t realise, however, that I’d meet such a lovely team. The staff are so friendly and made every effort possible to make me feel included. The doctors and nurses imparted their wisdom on me with weekly group teaching sessions and time in the theatre room. By the end of my placement, I gained the confidence in my clinical skills and knowledge to further myself in my career. On my spare days, I enjoyed having an ice-cream by the water or visiting local cafes. Thanks, I am going to miss the team!”

Sunaina Patel: Medical Student, ANU


“My placement at Lighthouse surgery in Narooma, NSW has been full of great opportunities. Rural placement allowed me to see and experience a range of clinical problems that do not present in metropolitan settings. After my placement I learnt that as a rural GP, a doctor needs to have advanced skills, a broader range of practice, organising skills and ensure that patient’s health is prioritised. Rural GP has an important and evolving role to influence change at the individual patient, practice and community levels within the healthcare system. I learned that rural doctor is expected to give a good care and be caring in addition to scientific knowledge. Living in small town also provides me with the opportunity to be more involved in the community; everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I got the experience of a seaside life and awesome community. From my rural placement, I learned that economic, geographical, cultural and family influences on the health of their patients. ”

Sherlinda Putri Utami: Medical Student, James Cook University